December 5, 2019 Meeting

Caldwell/West Caldwell Special Education Parents Advisory Group

Monthly meeting:  12/5/2019

James Caldwell High School Library


Part One:

Parents Only

The meeting began with a review of meeting procedures and the need for confidentiality within our group.

  • It is important to stick to our agenda, but also give people time to bring up concerns and questions
  1. Meeting dates:
    • For planning/consistency purposes, meeting will be held the first Thursday of the month
    • The first half of the meeting will be for parents only
    • Second half of the meeting, we will be joined by the Director of Student Services (Jessica Abramovich)
  2. Expanding our membership:
    • Thanks to Danielle Mack for our new Facebook page
    • Find someone from each school in the district to be a liaison with that school
      • Washington: Lisa Walter
      • Lincoln: Coe-ellen Ventura (possibly)
      • Wilson:  Lorraine Caputo
      • Jefferson:  OPEN
      • Grover Cleveland:  Julianne Grosso
      • JCHS: Julianne Grosso
      • Harrison:  Danielle Mack

Get the word out to join the Facebook page which will provide information for our local SEPAG

  • For those not on Facebook, join the CWC SEPAG mailing list (for email)

Part Two:

Joined by Jessica Abramovich and Krista Grinkin

  • Reviewed the history of the formation of the SEPAG
  • Reviewed ideas for expanding membership through HSA, Facebook, etc.
  • Ms. Abramovich will look into the possibility of establishing a district email for the SEPAG
  • Discussed upcoming äudit/analysis of Special Services
  • Will be led by Suzy Wright in the role of a consultant; working out details of timeline, etc.
  • Members brought up the necessity of parent involvement and input in the process
  • Some members expressed concerns regarding the analysis procedures
  • Members asked for information regarding a budget for SEPAG events/speakers; some members suggested grants and other funding options
  • Ms. Abramovich reported that Student Services has received an Education Foundation Grant for sensory hallways in each elementary school

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45