July 8, 2020 SEPAG Meeting

Caldwell/West Caldwell SEPAG meeting:  7/8/2020

Zoom meeting:  8:00 pm

7 in attendance

Topics discussed included the following:

  • Remote learning:  
  • Concerns regarding content management through learning platforms (SeeSaw, Flipgrid)
  • SEPAG Liaisons will meet with J Abramovich regarding concerns and possibly    sending a questionnaire to Special Ed/504 parents to elicit information regarding  challenges during March-June as well as concerns moving forward with remote learning in some capacity during the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Communications with Special Education Director: concerns regarding delayed responses to questions/concerns sent by various members
  • OPRA request (Open Public Records Act)  SEPAG drafting a request for OPRA information regarding expenditures over last five years for legal fees pertaining to Special Education
    • Specifically, under what terms is the legal reserve used?
    • How much of the legal reserve has been used?
  • Special Education self-analysis results: link shared for the results of this self-analysis; everyone is encouraged to read and comment by July 31st; Danielle will read over results and summarize to share with J Abramovich.
  • Discussed broadening the reach of the SEPAG using additional social media platforms (ie Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Discussed the need for a dedicated representation of the SEPAG at all HSA meetings during the next school year

Meeting adjourned: 9:20 pm

Next meeting: Later this summer, date/time TBD